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Santa Tradition Survey

We all know St. Nick has to use his Santa magic to accommodate many different homes and traditions. I posted a request on Facebook for folks to chime in with their family Santa traditions.

The questions? When Santa visits, does he deliver wrapped or unwrapped gifts? How does Santa’s loot compare to presents given to kiddies by Mom & Dad? What goes in the stockings?

I loved reading the responses:

  • In our house, unwrapped from Santa… Santa gifts are the bigger ones (bikes, trains etc…)
  • Unwrapped from Santa…wrapped from mommy/daddy
  • Santa doesn’t wrap.
    As the kids age, Mom & Dad’s gifts supersede Santa’s, thereby giving credit where credit is due.
  • Santa gifts came wrapped in our own special paper. All my gifts in one kind and my brothers in another, my mom said she started this when we still couldn’t read so we could distinguish whose was who!
  • I never remember presents from my mom and dad, Santa brought it all!
    Santa doesn’t have time to wrap - busy visiting houses all over the world and all. Santa loot - fun stuff. Mom and Dad loot - stuff you need anyway
  • We don’t wrap the presents. And I try to only get the gifts we hear them ask Santa for…more from mommy and daddy!
  • Santa doesn’t wrap. He doesn’t bring the "best gifts" . He just brings 2 or 3 things plus stocking stuff. Mom and Dad deserve the credit for getting them the most wanted gift. Abbie asked for something very expensive and said Santa could bring it, I had to tell her Santa was on a budget this year.
  • Santa didn’t wrap at our house. With 7 yrs. between my Brother and me, he was a BIG kid before he quit playing the game for me. Then for several years Mother would ask me if I wanted gifts from Santa, or just wrap them all under the tree. There was never a penalty for recognizing the truth–just a gradual easing into understanding that Santa was another expression of Parent’s love.

So, what’s your Santa Claus (or Papa Noel, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle) tradition? Click on the link below that says "No Comments" (or 1 comment, etc) to share your tradition.

Holidays & Parenting Chris 15 Dec 2009 1 Comment

Holiday Spy arrives at MoseleyWorld

How many times have you wondered just HOW Santa not only "sees you when you’re sleeping…"  and "knows when you’re awake," but also knows whether you’ve been good or bad? Question no more.

Santa’s Elf on the Shelf has arrived at MoseleyWorld. When we returned from our Thanksgiving trek to Kansas, a tiny little elf was hanging upside down from a dangling balloon in our foyer.

"Uh, mom, what’s that?" Saxon inquired. Carey showed Saxon a book that had magically appeared as well. The Elf on the Shelf book explains one of Santa’s elves arrives around the holidays, usually at Thanksgiving. his sole responsibility is to watch little kids’ behavior and report it to Santa each night by using "Santa magic" to fly to the North Pole.

The book said the first thing to be done is to name the elf. Saxon is great at coming up with pretend names, so we knew this would be a piece o’ cake for her. We liked her second suggestion, Wolfie , lots better than her first, Cha Cha. So Wolfie it is. Oh, there’s one rule: you cannot touch Wolfie, or he will lose his Santa magic.

The next morning, after returning from the NP, Wolfie was being a bit naughty. He took all the silverware out of the drawer and lined it up on the floor and then perched himself on the counter.

Stay tuned for tales (and photos) of Wolfie’s adventures!

Holidays & Parenting Chris 11 Dec 2009 No Comments

Princess Party

Somehow, we I inadvertently neglected to post photographs from Saxon’s birthday party. So here they are, in the category of “better late than never.”

Samantha and Yadi awaiting the guests’ arrival.
build your own princess hats. Spellbound. Captivated. Cinderella tells a story.

i’m sure the little princesses’ parents were thrilled with the pink icing.

Saxon was elated to have Cinderella come to her house for her birthday party.

Parties & Photos Chris 08 Dec 2009 1 Comment

What’s up with that?

Lately, I’ve been puzzled with a bunch of things.

What’s up with yard guys who blow leaves into the middle of the street? Where do they think they will end up? And what’s up with those ear-splitting, gas-powered blowers? Doesn’t anyone use a rake any more?

What’s up with leaving just one? Why do people eat or drink all but the last bit? For example, drinking almost all the orange juice and leaving 1/2 ounce or eat almost all the crackers to leave just 2 or 3 crackers in the box baffles me. What’s the thought process here? Wouldn’t it be better to finish it off, toss the box and put the item on the grocery list?

What’s up with those black bars on the TV? When we switched to a widescreen HDTV , I thought I would be done seeing the horizontal black bars (aka letterbox) at the top and bottom of the screen. We were late in the game of switching to a widescreen HDTV. Well, I still see those bars. I thought the widescreen format would match the format of new movies. But it doesn’t always. Brand new DVD movie takes up only 60-70% of the screen, with the rest black. What’s up with that?

What’s up with Vince Young? Last year, former national championship QB Vince Young got injured and benched. This year, the Titans gave him another shot, after losing their first six games. Vince has led Tennessee to five wins in a row. Imagine if he had anyone on his team that could catch the ball. Go Vince Go.

What’s up with that funny noise? There’s a strange static noise that comes from the tiny OnStar speaker in the ceiling of my GMC Yukon. The strange thing is that the ONLY time I ever hear the noise is when the temperature drops below 50. What’s up with that?

Where are all the religious Christmas decorations ? I know, I know. It’s not Christmas. It’s "the holiday." Why are there not many options for outdoor Christmas decorations that depict the reason for the season. Are stores scared of being too Christian, thinking they will offend people by selling angels, nativity scenes or Christmas stars? Or has Christmas become all about inflatable Santas and peppermint sticks? I’m all for Santa Claus, elves and Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. I just want to throw some old-school decorations into the mix. Got any sources? Post ‘em in the comments, por favor.

Thoughts Chris 03 Dec 2009 2 Comments

Going to see God

I walked in the house the other day and Saxon met me at the door wearing her back pack. When I asked where she was going, she quickly replied, I’m going to see God. Do you want to come? I’m going to see God.

I said I certainly wanted to see God, but wondered if we could wait until after dinner. Saxon continued to politely ask me if I was ready to go see God. By this time, Carey is a bit freaked out, thinking Saxon has received a divine message letting her know her number was up.

When I asked Saxon if she knew where God was, she replied, up in the sky with Jesus. I told Saxon she was right - that God was in heaven. Without missing a beat, Saxon said, Oh great! We can see Ranger too (our dearly departed dog)!

We’re glad to have found a church home and even more glad that Saxon loves learning about God. The children’s department at Watermark Community Church (mainly a huge group of volunteers) is amazing.

Economically speaking, 2009 has been a tough year for many. I’ve experienced first-hand the struggles of running a business in the midst of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression and have often felt pretty helpless to control the incoming (or lack thereof) revenues. But sometimes all it takes is someone who can put it all in perspective.

If I think things are tough, what if I had been born without arms and legs, like Aussie Nick Vujicic? Uh…yeah. Holy cow. How much more difficult would day to day life be? On Sunday, December 6 , Nick Vujicic of Life without Limbs , is going to be the guest speaker at Watermark Community Church at 9am, 11am and 5:30pm. Nick will speak about how God has given him the strength to surmount what others would call impossible. We’ll be there at 11. Come meet us. Be inspired. Put it all in perspective.

Parenting & Thoughts Chris 24 Nov 2009 2 Comments

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