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Back to School

It’s back to school around our house. Saxon started kindergarten and Samantha is in a 3 year old class. They are both getting into the swing of things.

samantha goes to “capers” once a week. It’s like theater for little kids and she was a sheep this week.

here’s samantha all dresssed up, ready to go to a birthday party.

the big kindergartner, saxon, doing her homework.

for “share and tell” saxon got to tell about one of her favorite animals, the zebra. she is really sad that lions eat them.

saxon’s first homework assignment was to make a poster all about her to introduce herself to her class. She was given a week to do it but I decided to teach her “dad’s way” and wait until 5 pm the night before it was due to start.

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2010 Photo Update

A couple of pictures of the girls, fresh out of the camera. Have a great weekend.

samantha - 17 months

saxon - 3 years old

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Mountain Trip Part 3 - flying at 70 mph

One afternoon, a few of us trekked over to the Utah Olympic Park in Park City, which served as the 2002 Olympic venue for ski jumping, nordic combined, bobsled, skeleton and luge events. Actually, medals are given in the bobsleigh event to people who ride a bobsled. How’s that for some fairly useless trivia learned on this family vacation? Store it away. Use it wisely at the appropriate time, but do so without sounding like a know-it-all Cliff Clavin .

So, the bobsleigh track (or would it be a bobsled track?!) is still there and used by the US Olympic team as their training ground. Year round, mere mortals can take a ride on the track. In the winter, you can ride one of the actual bobsleds used in the 2002 Olympics. Other times of the year, you can ride a summerized bobsled with tires instead of steel runners.

The Comet bobsled ride at the Utah Olympic park is billed as the "most intense minute of your life. " The sign-your-life-away form included warnings designed to discourage anyone who has ever had back/neck, kidney or heart problems, undergone recent surgeries, have high blood pressure or is pregnant. In big bold print it said the ride is "not for the faint of heart ." After reading this, I quietly asked how many fatalities they had had in 2009. The burly mountain man laughed and said they had only crashed one bobsled, about ten years ago, and that everyone walked away, albeit very bruised.

mimi was glad to hang out with Saxon and form the cheering section.

saxon picking a helmet. sorry kid. you gotta be 14 to ride.

"dad, this is really heavy on my head"

they won’t let you drive, since you have to be pro to navigate the 15 turns at speeds close to 70 mph. that’s mike (above) looking back excitedly. The faster you’re pushed at the start, the faster you zip down the track. Big & strong people make great pushers and brakemen. I was glad someone as strong as Heisman winner and NFL running back Herschel Walker (who finished 7th in the 1992 two man event) wasn’t pushing out sled.

From left to right: von, me (with the wild eyes), teresa (eyes fixed on the helmet in front of her) and the driver guy. The minute I plopped down into the long metal hot dog, panic descended upon my heart and mind for the second time in two days. As a lifelong claustrophobe, the simultaneous reactions of increased stomach acids, the tightening of my chest, nd increased hyperawareness of everything going on around me were unpleasantly familiar.

But I had no time to dwell upon these thoughts because off we went. Realizing we did not have seat belts because we didn’t need them. With 5G’s (that’s 5 times the normal pull of gravity) in the turns I would be pinned to the bottom of the sled if I didn’t follow the instructions. Push against the inside of the sled with my arms as hard as I could and hold your head and neck up with a stiff rigidity to avoid being a life-sized bobble head doll.

Away we went. Faster and faster with each vertical drop. At the turns, it felt like my body had become metallized and the world was a giant magnet folding me in half. The first 30 seconds were exhiliarating. Truly the most intense 30 seconds of my life seemed like a split second.

Unfortunately, the turns started coming so fast that my delicate inner ear thought we were on a dinghy in ten foot seas and sounded the motion sickness alarm. At this point, I could only think of crying for mama. The last 30 seconds [thank goodness the entire ride was less than a minute] seemed like an eternity.

I don’t look very green, so maybe we took this one before the ride!

here’s Saxon sitting on a luge. does her size give you an idea of the scale of tiny saucer people ride down the mountain at close to 100 mph?

teresa tries it on for size.

mimi (above) and teresa (below) in one of the 2002 US olympic team sleds

mimi and saxon wondering why daddy is face down on the pavement after his bobsled ride.

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Mountain Trip Part Two

Life has been busy at MoseleyWorld. So, doing my best to catch up here with the second part post of our summer trip to Park City/Deer Valley, Utah.

the view from the house’s front porch. that’s deer valley ski resort, where the 2002 Olympic freestyle mogules, aerial and alpine slalom events were held. Bald Mt (9400 ft) is the highest peak. Deer Valley has been named the #1 ski resort in North America by readers of Ski Magazine for three years in a row. But we didn’t see much snow.

we ordered fresh-caught rainbow trout, grilled them and served them with their heads still on, which I found out later wasn’t a big hit with some.  Oh well. Sorry. Stay away from the Far East, where I hear some fish are plopped on your plate alive and flipping.

little patrick, son of ashley and mike, is the newest cousin.

catered dinner. private chef. yum.

One day we went to Park City Mountain to participate in their summer activities.  Here’s christy and mac on the alpine slide waiting out a rain delay.

Saxon and her cousin Mac

saxon was incredibly patient during the long delay (45 minutes? an hour? hour and a half? oy vey!). I utilized cloud gazing, biofeedback and meditation to remain calm. Once it stopped raining, the ride operators plopped a blanked down in front of a sled and dried the track so we could proceed. High tech. When we finally got the green light, it was a lot of fun. But not nearly as fun as the alpine coaster, which looks just like a roller coaster but with single cars. Saxon and I zipped down the 4000 ft track at speeds up to 30 mph.

christy attempted a grandparent/grandkids portrait. our little samantha wasn’t ready for her closeup.
After a day of full activities, everyone was still out [doing more activities] and Carey yelled downstairs mentioning she was going somewhere. I was downstairs and couldn’t quite hear, but I thought she asked if I could watch Saxon. about ten minutes later, i came upstairs looking for Saxon. No Saxon. Then I went up another set of stairs to the family/kids room. No Saxon. Back downstairs to check the media room and all the other rooms on the level, including the garage. So, I go all the way back up to the third level. No Saxon.

So, just before panic descended, I called Carey’s phone, thinking she must have said, “I’m taking Saxon.” The second thought to enter my head was wondering how I would explain losing Saxon. After what seemed to be a long wait, the phone rang at almost the exact same time that Carey’s phone, which was sitting right in front of me, rang as well. Doh.

The panic I mentioned was now causing my heart to race as I scrambled from room to room bleating, “Saxon. Saxon? Saxon!” I knew this was not the case of her winning a serious game of hide + seek since Saxon is still the age where she replies to a “Where’s Saxon?” by blurting out “in the bathroom” or “in the closet.”

After covering almost every inch of this almost 7000 sf house, I noticed the door to the front balcony slightly ajar. The next thing I spotted was this sweet little girl, pictured below, who had decided to take advantage of a beautiful day in the mountains and take a nap outside. Whew.

Mac playing a game mimi invented called “find the pine cones.” we used to play that when I was growing up, but it was called “rake the yard.”

pyrotechnics. father-daughter style.

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