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Princess Party

Somehow, we I inadvertently neglected to post photographs from Saxon’s birthday party. So here they are, in the category of “better late than never.”

Samantha and Yadi awaiting the guests’ arrival.
build your own princess hats. Spellbound. Captivated. Cinderella tells a story.

i’m sure the little princesses’ parents were thrilled with the pink icing.

Saxon was elated to have Cinderella come to her house for her birthday party.

Parties & Photos Chris 08 Dec 2009 1 Comment

Mountain Trip 2009 - Part One

The week after the mercury rose to triple digits, we were fortunate enough to escape the inferno for a week.  Carey’s parents (aka Mimi and Pops) hosted a family trip to Park City, Utah. We stayed in a house in Deer Valley , which is a resort community in Park City. “We” would be 15 people. Yep. 15 people in one house. Six kids. Four under age three. All in one house. Fortunately, it was a big house!

The gods were smiling on us during our 1.5 hour delay leaving DFW. Instead of the typical air travel delay  announced only after the door of the plane has been shut + hermetically sealed, we were informed of the delay before we even got on the plane! If you haven’t traveled with two kids under the age of three lately, you may not entirely appreciate the difference.

Turning a 2.5 hour flight from Dallas to Salt Lake City into a 4 hour flight creates lots of squirminess, to say the least.

But a delay at the airport (especially when there’s a wide open area with no seats at all!) creates an energy-expending opportunity! Saxon spinning around, staying on the blue carpet as instructed + Samantha practicing her walking = two tired kids. A perfect formula for a pleasant flight.

So, here’s part one of the photos from our trip. All of these are from our first day hike at Deer Valley.

riding up the ski lift

the town of Park City in the distance

saxon thought she would get to use these hiking poles to walk, but she was demoted to the cargo bay.

uncle von, hiking extraordinaire, helps strap Saxon in.

Saxon and her cousin Mac

an Alpine-like view

Saxon with her mom and her Aunt Teresa posing for a quick photo.

Jordanelle Reservoir

free, free at last.

Photos & Relatives & Travel Chris 09 Jul 2009 3 Comments

That’s my Daddy

Saxon’s pre-school had an end-of-the-year “musical” performance recently. Fortunately, Carey was able to block the date on her calendar. Unfortunately, the kickoff time for the musical extravaganza was right in the middle of an already-scheduled week-long seminar I was attending - in Arlington, which is nowhere close to the neighborhood school.

I had wondered whether it would be a big deal to Saxon whether I was present, but decided I would go. Any questions about the importance, to Saxon, of my being there were answered the second she walked through the door scanning the audience for her parents.

Seeing Saxon’s warm smile while she told her friends, the teacher and anyone who within earshot, “That’s my Daddy,” made me so glad I came. My good friend Gary G, of once told me that being a parent is the greatest thing in the world, but admitted it was difficult to describe.  Well, for me, Saxon’s saying, “That’s my Daddy” would be one of those je ne sais quoi parenting moments and one of those times the love for my daughters wraps itself around me like a warm blanket.
thats my daddy
to her friend Quincy, Saxon is saying, “that’s my daddy”

saxon performing



Parenting & Photos & Saxon Chris 16 Jun 2009 2 Comments

Growing up too Quickly

Time is flying.  This summer, Samantha will celebrate her first birthday and Saxon will turn three.

Slowly, but surely seeming to getting caught up, while actually falling more behind in the documenting of stories from the land o’ Moseley. The first set of photographs were taken during a visit to my parents (who are know known by their aliases, Gran and Yaya). We visited at the end of March. East Texas, with its dogwoods and azaleas in full bloom, is always prettiest in the spring.

Sister entertaining themselves on a mini-trampoline.

mom joins in on the fun.

and, of course, Saxon wanted to stay in the car, even after a 2 1/2 hour ride.

The following photographs were taken a week or two later, at the Dallas Arboretum, with Gran.

Photos & Relatives & Samantha & Saxon Chris 28 May 2009 5 Comments

On the go with the girls

Some random photographs taken in the last couple of months to share with you.

samantha on the movesamantha is seven months old now. last month, she began crawling. like her big sister, samantha completely skipped the “potted plant” (can sit up but can’t go any where) stage and is always on the go, quite frustrated that she cannot walk unassisted like the rest of us.

hiding girlscutie pies

saxon with mimi
saxon with mimi

saxon with gransamantha  with gran


Photos & Samantha & Saxon Chris 12 Mar 2009 3 Comments

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