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Photoshoot with Samantha

I’ve had more than a handful of requests for photographs of Samantha. I was finally able to catch her at a time when she was wide awake and it was also daylight. Quite unusual, actually, since lately she likes to sleep all day long.

Strong Neck

pretty blue eyes

and a couple of big sister, Saxon, holding Samantha

and here’s a photograph Saxon took the other day, abstract, modern art type of photograph

Newborn & Photos & Samantha & Saxon Chris 18 Sep 2008 3 Comments

More Visitors for Saxon

Saxon and her Uncle Sam
Originally uploaded by Chris Moseley.

Saxon’s great aunt & uncle, Kay and Sam Moseley, stopped by to see Saxon. They were on their way back from a great trip to Seattle, Vancouver & Alaska.

They come to the Dallas area around once a month to visit their cute grandkids, but only the lure of getting to see Saxon, their latest “grand” niece, would get them to stop off at our house. We’ll take ‘em any way we can get ‘em and were so glad to get a chance to show off Saxon and to visit.

Newborn & Photos & Relatives Chris 12 Sep 2006 No Comments

Saxon’s Screentest

I’ve been testing out my new point & shoot digital camera (Canon SD700) for the last few weeks. I have been pleasantly suprised with the quality of the movies you can make with the video mode. Don’t get me wrong, an Academy Award for cinematography certainly will not be won using a camera designed primarily to capture still images, but it’s still pretty good.

Saxon’s first video (albeit a short 10 second clip) was taken right after a bath when she happy & relaxed.

Movies & Newborn & Saxon Chris 11 Sep 2006 No Comments

Saxon’s First Portrait

Saxon’s first portrait was made in the hospital by her mom - just a few hours after she was born.

Saxon's First Day

more photos at Carey’s gallery 2 here (log-in required).

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Newborn & Photos Chris 11 Aug 2006 1 Comment

First Visitors

Saxon Marie Moseley was greeted by three of her grandparents (what troopers they were - pulling an all-nighter!)

carey's mom
carey’s mom “mimi” edison

my dad, bailey
my dad, bailey “gran” moseley

my mom, kay “gammy” moseley

Maternity & Newborn & Photos & Relatives & Saxon Chris 11 Aug 2006 No Comments

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