Samantha will be 12 weeks old this Friday. She’s displaying lots of smiles (and, oh, what a cute smile she has - I’m biased, of course) and is starting to really enjoy watching the world. Watching her, I am often reminded of one of my favorite Jimmy Buffett songs. In Little Miss Magic (itunes link), Jimmy does a great job expressing some of the thoughts that ramble thru his (and my) head while he watches his baby daughter.

Constantly amazed by the blades of the fan on the ceiling
The clever little glances she gives me can’t help but be appealing
She loves to ride into town with the top down
Feel that warm breeze on her gentle skin
She is my next of kin

About Little Miss Magic, Jimmy said, “When Savannah Jane was born, my world was definitely altered…Before she could speak I would watch her follow the blades of the ceiling fan with her big brown eyes, and I couldn’t help but to be a proud father. Besides, if you don’t write a song about your daughter, you will go to hell.”

My charge would be to make a great portrait of my daughter. I’ve made a few of Saxon and my portrait below, titled “Samantha’s Lucky Number,” will be enjoyed by my very own Little Miss Magic some day.