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Samantha Plays the Blues

Samantha, is almost nine months old, but has already found her love of the blues. She’s considering becoming a professional harmonica player. Watch this short movie clip and you’ll see her natural talent…I’m certain.

You may also notice her other talent - playing the harmonica, while crawling - look ma! no hands! style.

Movies & Samantha Chris 28 May 2009 1 Comment

Samantha’s forward progress

On Sunday, Samantha will be six months old. For the most part, she is an incredibly happy baby with beautiful eyes and an adorable grin. But, of course, I’m a bit biased, since I’m the baby’s daddy (isn’t that what father’s are called now? If I’m right, gimme a fist bump).

We’ve been working hard to get Samantha in a sit-up-by-yourself position for the past few weeks. However, Samantha has set her priorities of self-improvement goals and crawling and talking seem to rank much higher than sitting up (”what’s the point?” she might say).

This movie clip is from a couple of weeks ago, when she was warming up, getting ready to launch. Special note: no babies were injured in the filming of this video.

And the one below, she takes her first crawl, about a week shy of being six months old. This does not make her mommy too happy, since she thought Samantha would buck the trend (set by Samantha who also crawled for the first time at less than six months old) and actually sit up for a couple of months before becoming mobile!

Milestones & Movies & Samantha Chris 07 Feb 2009 3 Comments

Tinkerbell Can Fly

Saxon’s cousins gave her a fancy Tinkerbell costume for Christmas. Saxon insisted upon wearing her fairy costume throughout our Christmas trip to Kansas and it’s still in heavy rotation with Cinderella and Lady Bug Girl. Here’s a movie with Saxon singing, “Tinkerbell can Fly.”

More holiday photographs coming soon.

Movies & Saxon & costumes Chris 31 Dec 2008 1 Comment

Saxon the Explorer

A fun movie clip of Saxon exploring with a flashlight. Yes, I see the similarity to a dog chasing its tail.

Movies & Saxon Chris 04 Apr 2008 No Comments

Saxon Says Hi

It’s really amazing to watch how fast little ones absorb knowledge. Saxon’s vocabulary is rapidly increasing as is her understanding of concepts. I’ll post some proud-parent examples soon, but wanted to share this short movie clip with you so you can see her in action.

Movies & Saxon Chris 09 Jan 2008 3 Comments

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