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Woman gives birth to EIGHT babies

OK, I’ll admit it. Sometimes I think having a two year old and a almost-six month old is a lot of work. But, everything is relative.

Yesterday, a California woman, assisted by a 46-person medical team, gave birth to EIGHT babies (story link: ABC News ) and they all survived. Her doctor’s didn’t even know there were eight, they only thought there were seven. The docs were "shocked" when the eighth baby came out. When the story talks about the medical staff running with a baby to the next room and another one coming out as soon as they return, I had visions of a clown’s never ending handkerchief.

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$3 Million for Baby Pics?

Matthew McConaghey is the latest star to cash in a tabloid’s desire to have exclusive access to baby’s first pictures. OK Magazine is paying a reported $3 million for photos of baby Levi Alves, son of Longview, Texas native McConaghey and his girlfriend Camila Alves. For $3 million, we’ll not only give exclusive rights to the photos, we’ll give naming rights.

Speaking of names, unless you’ve been living in a cave with Osama, you’ve heard Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie gave birth to twins Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline . Nicole Kidman and her classy hubby Keith Urban named their daughter Sunday Rose.

As I mentioned previously , we’re still trying to nail down the perfect name for Moseley Girl 2.0 - who will be here very soon ! Thanks to the 4 or 5 people who gave their suggestions. Listed below are the Top 10 names for 2007, compliments of the Social Security Database. Why don’t you head over to the Baby Name Voyager browse some names and send your favorites our way. It’s down to the wire. Momma’s had enough days of 9 months pregnant + 100 degree Texas weather, so I bet baby girl will be here soon.

Top 10 Names for 2007
Rank Male name Female name
1 Jacob Emily
2 Michael Isabella
3 Ethan Emma
4 Joshua Ava
5 Daniel Madison
6 Christopher Sophia
7 Anthony Olivia
8 William Abigail
9 Matthew Hannah
10 Andrew Elizabeth

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Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

If you’ve not done your father’s day shopping yet, here are a couple of last-minute items you can get dear old Dad.

For the Green Dad Tree Hugger’s Father’s Day Gift Guide offers silly things (suit made from recycled plastic bottles) and cool things like an electric lawn mower, which certainly beats the noise made by the yard guy’s gas powered gears (I just hate those noisy leaf blowers - doesn’t anyone use rakes any more?).

For the Dad who never grew up the Bierstick is a must-have party “accessory.”

For the political dad, venture over to the John McCain store, where you can find Dad for McCain hats and shirts, This dad promises that if our pastor ever says something hateful and divisive like “GD America,” I will gather my wife and small children and leave the church immediately, and not wait until the polls tell us it’s time to leave. Call me a “bitter” and “frustrated” American who clings to guns or religion, I call it being a good father, being a good leader, being a good decision-maker.

My good friend, Matt Mendelsohn, is not only one of Washington, D.C.’s premiere wedding photographers, he’s a great writer. Being a good writer must run in the family, since his brother Daniel wrote a best-seller, that included featured Matt’s photographs.

Matt uses his blog, The Dark Slide, to feature his photography (like I do at my photography blog) and personal anecdotes (like here at I wanted to introduce you to Matt’s blog and share a snippet from his latest post in which he dispenses some advice to Barack Obama.

Lastly, I just wanted to get something off my chest regarding the political news of the day. Because I have clients who hail from both sides of the political spectrum, I usually don’t bring up the election and all. Bad for business, some would say.

But my concern over what is happening with Barack Obama’s vice-presidential vetting committee actually is not rooted in partisan politics but rather good old-fashioned leadership.

If you’re not paying attention to what’s going on (and after the primary season we just endured, you can be excused from paying attention), here’s the scoop: Barack Obama sewed up the Democratic presidential nomination last week, something he’s been fighting tooth and nail over for the last sixteen months, not to mention something he’s probably been dreaming about for his whole adult life. It’s everything he wants, right? And picking a vice-presidential running mate is by far the single most important decision on his plate. With this one pick he could potentially win or lose this election.

So what’s the first thing this candidate of youth, this candidate of change, this candidate of business-not-as-usual does towards this end? He appoints a committee of attorneys and insiders with nary a young person nor outside-the-beltway voice to be found to help scutinize his picks. Caroline Kennedy is wonderful and all, but it’s the very notion of needing this kind of committee in the first place that bugs me here. People often wonder when it is exactly that a candidate of hope and change gets mired in the old school ways of the past and I’m guessing that it’s right now. It’s the point at which you turn away from your own instinct–the instinct that has gotten you to this juncture–and instead turn to the old guard, the elders, the well-heeled for advice. Candidates always love to go on and on about that mother with the sick kid who works three jobs in Ohio but, Lord knows, no one ever seeks her out for advice.

Here’s a terrible example: You’re married for 35 years and you and your spouse finally get to take the vacation you’ve always been dreaming about. Now it’s with in reach. So what do you do? You assemble a panel to tell you what countries you should visit. But don’t you think you should do that yourself? Surely you’ve given this much thought in the last few decades, right? This is your moment to choose, not someone else’s. Surely you have your own itinerary in mind.

Another bad analogy: You’re going to climb Mount Everest and you train for years and years. Then, in order to find the person you trust most on this planet — the person who could potentially save your butt on the icy Hillary Step (wrong, Hillary, folks) — you assemble a group of friends to look for a climbing partner. They give you some names to consider. But again, wouldn’t you –and you alone– know better than anyone else who that person should be? Haven’t you been in the climbing game for years and years?

I am not being naive here. I know that vetting committees have done this for candidates since the beginning of politics. The candidate is too busy and doesn’t have time to look into the souls of his potential running mates, let alone look for potential conflicts of interests like, say, getting extra special interest deals on loans during a mortgage crisis. (George Bush famously looked into Vladimir Putin’s soul and found it to be warm and fuzzy. We all know how that turned out.) But Barack Obama is running on a ticket of change and maybe he needs to rethink some of these old business-as-usual practices. He should be vetter-in-chief here. He’s burning the candle at both end: he wants the advice, when he should be more invested personally, and then when things go south, as happened with Jim Johnson, he pulls a Peter, practically denying he ever knew the guy. All of this makes him look not-in-charge and not-so-loyal at the same time.

This choice is his and his alone. He needs to make it all on his own and he needs to make it decisively– not by committee, not by smoke signal, not under outside pressure.

Be sure you read “Getting the Picture,” Matt’s incredible article - a recent cover story in the Washington Post Magazine.

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Mercedes C220 Estate - Not for Americanos

We’ve just returned from a week-long trip to Italy (more updates forthcoming) and seeing vastly different cars is one of the things I really enjoyed. Our rental car was a 4-door Opel Corsa hatchback (GM Built?) with 5-speed manual shifter and Opel’s new diesel “ecoflex” engine. I was amazed at how peppy a 75 horsepower engine could be.

Bologna Cars
bologna, italy - starting an alfa romeo convertible the old-fashioned way.

Most of these cars only a raised eyebrow (kind of a “What in the world were they thinking” when they made such a small car?), but this time I kept seeing a car I really like.

Last year Mercedes-Benz introduced the 2008 C220 Wagon “Estate,” a new/improved version of the C-Class wagon that was sold here from 2002-2005. But I saw more of these new body style wagons in Italy than I’ve seen in total the older C-Class wagons in the U.S.

mercedes wagon 1

If you’re like me and think the Mercedes Estate might be a good replacement for a gas-guzzling GMC Yukon, don’t bother rushing to your local Mercedes dealer to get one. Like the Opel Corsa diesel (52 mpg), the Mercedes Estate is not sold in the USA.

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Chandra Rolanda Xandria Phywanda Ascomond Thomas…or what’s in a name?

With Moseley Girl 2.0 due for arrival in August, we’ve not even begun to think of names. But with the bun in the oven half-baked, it’s probably time to start. Want to play along? Here are some parameters:

It’s a name, not a joke. Do you ever hear a name and wonder, “What was his momma thinkin’?” Fanny Pack, Hugh Jass, Rasp Berry, Ima Hogg and Nice Carr are all actual names listed in the book of Bad Baby Names. Unfortunately, Bad Baby Names is incomplete. How could you leave off one of the all-time worst great bad baby names: Chandra Rolanda Xandria Phywanda Ascomond Thomas, an East Texan who was a client of my father’s. So, no puns or jokes.

Uniqueness. Saxon has a fairly unique first name, but not one-of-a-kind. There’s a fine line between making the next edition of Bad Baby Names and giving the kid a name that’s individualistic. We will again be utilizing the SSA’s Baby Name Database (paid for with your tax dollars), a great resource or fun time-waster for all. The Baby Name Database lists the Top 1000 most popular names, year by year, by state, gender…

For example, here are the Top 10 most popular names for 2006:

Male name
Female name

All adorable names, some of which I really like. It’s interesting to note Brittany (aka Britney) peaked in 1991 at #3, but has dropped to #318 in 2006. How far will Britney Brittany fall in 2007? Will Hillary go up or down? Let’s be safe and stay away from anything in the Top 100.

Rhythmic Flow - When actors names don’t flow, what do they do? Change it! Let’s give baby 2.0 a head start with something that has a nice flow to it, but isn’t too sing-songy [Dad, that means Rosalie Moseley is out!]. Think presidential…no, nevermind, Carey says Hussein is a boys name.

So, bring on your suggestions. Leave them under comments. By the way, to leave a comment, click at the end of the post where it says “No Comments” or “1 Comment” or “23 Comments”. Your comment won’t show up right away since the moderators approve all comments (and delete all Spam). But don’t worry, if you have a comment, we’ll post it!

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