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Samantha’s forward progress

On Sunday, Samantha will be six months old. For the most part, she is an incredibly happy baby with beautiful eyes and an adorable grin. But, of course, I’m a bit biased, since I’m the baby’s daddy (isn’t that what father’s are called now? If I’m right, gimme a fist bump).

We’ve been working hard to get Samantha in a sit-up-by-yourself position for the past few weeks. However, Samantha has set her priorities of self-improvement goals and crawling and talking seem to rank much higher than sitting up (”what’s the point?” she might say).

This movie clip is from a couple of weeks ago, when she was warming up, getting ready to launch. Special note: no babies were injured in the filming of this video.

And the one below, she takes her first crawl, about a week shy of being six months old. This does not make her mommy too happy, since she thought Samantha would buck the trend (set by Samantha who also crawled for the first time at less than six months old) and actually sit up for a couple of months before becoming mobile!

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Smiling Samantha

Little Samantha will be eight weeks old tomorrow. In the last couple of weeks, she’s become much more aware of her surroundings and even flashes a little smile at us every now & then.

hanging out with mom
hanging out with mom

smiling samantha
smiling samantha

alert little girl

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Italian Adventure - First Stop: Bologna

Carey and I went to Italy last month to enjoy a big boy & girl vacation - probably the last in a while considering the scheduled arrival of Moseley Girl #2 in August.

Traveling to Italy, we definitely took the scenic route. DFW to Wichita (overnight layover to drop Saxon off for “Camp Patti” at Mimi & Pops), Wichita to Chicago (6 hr layover), Chicago to Frankfurt (9 hr flight), Frankfurt to Bologna (4 hr layover) - and upon arriving in Bologna, we were still a 2 hour drive from our final destination.

However, one highlight of the marathon travel was flying to Europe in American Airlines “next generation” business class with their newly-redesigned, lie-flat seats. Champagne before take-off. In-flight amenities bag (eyemask, socks, shoe bag, toothbrush, lotion, etc). Pillows & duvets. A menu detailing wine and meal choices - with actually good meals…Oh and make mine a hot fudge sundae with nuts - from the ice cream sundae cart - and, oh sure, a little Bailey’s poured over the top never hurt anyone! Gotta love those AAdvantage miles.

chair controlsamenities
high-tech seat controls & in-flight amenity bag

Were it not for Nancy, the oh-so-crabby flight attendant (and by crabby, I mean snapping her fingers in front of Carey’s face saying, “I’m not done with you yet” when asking Carey’s menu selections ) it would have been the perfect flight. But we did experience AA at its finest on the return non-stop Frankfurt to DFW flight!

So, we finally made it to Bologna, where we stayed at the modern Una Hotel. Great location, great staff. Quiet room. Very quiet. We slept until 11:00 am which was something like - oh who knows what time it was in the US and who cares - we’re in Italy!

Bologna is a very old city (founded by Etruscans in 534 BC) often overlooked by tourists. The city may be old but the people are young. 100,000 students attend the oldest university in the world (founded in 1088) Alma Mater Studiorium, aka the University of Bologna.

me at the Una Hotel cantina

bologna portico
Bologna is well known for its architecture, especially the arcades or porticoes - of which there are over 38 km of in the city center.

The Tower of Asinelli.

Palace of King Enzo - built in 1245
Palace of King Enzo - built in 1245. Poor King Enzo, from Sicily, was imprisoned here for 20 years.

Piazza Nettuno - Neptune
Statue of Neptune in Piazza Nettuno (1564)

Bologna’s tribute to a mother’s commitment to breastfeeding.

Bologna is very well known as one of the main epicurean centers of Italy. In fact, Bologna is also known as la grassa or “the fat.” We had a fantastic lunch at Bologna’s equivalent of a super-sized Italian section of Central Market (too bad nothing close exists here!). After lunch, we loaded up with some “typical” provisions: prosciutto, wild boar salami, cheese, fresh, house made tortellini and gnocchi al porcini (potato pasta with porcini mushrooms).

Our last stop in Bologna was for gelato at Gelateria Gianni. We have to thank Matt who wrote an article at Slow Travel and ranked Gianni the best Gelateria. Not only was it the best in Bologna - but best we had in Italy.

the menu of gelato choices. decisions, decisions!


Next post: on to Tuscany.

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MoseleyWorld News + Back from NYC

Well, first some news. In a previous post, we announced the upcoming arrival of the newest addition to the MoseleyWorld family. Thanks to the marvels of modern medicine, we are excited to be able to share that Saxon will soon be a big sister to her little sister. ETA: August 16.

Carey and I just returned from a long weekend trip to New York. Saxon spent her first nights without Mom or Dad. According to Carey’s mom, aka Mimi, we missed Saxon a lot more than she missed us. I guess that’s good, since we did miss her a bunch.

For Christmas, Carey gave me tickets to see Spring Awakening again. We saw the Tony winning musical in September, but I’ll admit being somewhat guilty to being “obsessed” (a term Carey has used to describe my feelings about SA) with Spring Awakening.

photo taken by my sister Meredith, who braved the rain to join us at the theater. Thumb_default

Spring Awakening the musical, is based on a 1891 controversial play, a coming-of-age story which was scandalous in its day. Duncan Sheik (of the hit song “I am barely breathing” fame) wrote the incredible music. The 2nd row seats were awesome! To see a little about Spring Awakening click the link to see a short video. Headed to New York? Don’t miss Spring Awakening!

Also joining us at Spring Awakening, Miss Lindsay Lohan! Who knew? We saw the paparazzi, but missed LiLo. :(

We schlepped all over Manhattan, from Wall Street to 110th. Highlights included seeing the funky new art at the Whitney Biennial, grazing in Chinatown (where dumplings are 5 for $1), shopping at H&M. We had lots of great food, including meals at Fatty Crab in the Meatpacking District, Dim Sum Go Go on the Lower East Side and housemade pasta at Roberto Passon.

The day after we returned, Saxon was sitting on our bed with Carey. When I sat down, Saxon reclined, smiled and looked up to say, simply, “Mama and Dada.” Ahhh…

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Happy Birthday Saxon!

366 days ago, little Saxon Marie Moseley arrived with loud screams to announce her arrival. On August 11, 2007, both Saxon and her parents celebrated the anniversary of her birth. As parents, we toasted surviving Saxon’s first year. Saxon’s glad we’ve extended her contract for another year and she gets to stay on Team Moseley. :)

Saxon’s big day birthday began with the arrival, Saturday morning, of my Dad. Saxon immediately remembered that she really likes her Gran. Gran has a knack with babies and canines - they all love him. Gran wanted Saxon to pick her birthday present so we all went to the mall, first stop Babystyle. I really thought Saxon would like a small ride-on car (in pink, of course). She politely sat on the car when placed upon it, but showed little to zero interest.

Saxon kept returning to the Porter the Puppy Stuffed Chair, saying, “Dahhhh” each time (dah = dog for those who don’t know Saxonspeak). Check out the first two pictures below to see Saxon with the “dah” that gran bought her.

We had lunch at NorthPark so Saxon could enjoy one of her favorites, teriyiaki chicken. Later that afternoon, Saxon’s friends Liam, Jonathan and Patrick joined her for her 1st birthday party. Lots of firsts on her first:

  • 1st Little Red Wagon
  • 1st Ipod (ok, it’s a baby “iPod”)
  • 1st Purse
  • 1st Baby Doll
  • 1st Bank

and most interesting…1st Cake. As you can see from the photographs below, Saxon’s first taste of cake was a sweet one indeed.

party time.

Jonathan & Liam

Patrick (his dad Jeff got to come along too)

uh, mom, what in the world is that?

I’m supposed to do what? “Blow Saxon. Blow out the candle.” What?!

Moving in for the kill.

good stuff, dad.

totally unprompted. unscripted. i swear.

wardrobe change. catching a ride with jonathan.

in her “Texas Ranger” wagon - a gift from Mimi + Pops

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