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Santa Tradition Survey

We all know St. Nick has to use his Santa magic to accommodate many different homes and traditions. I posted a request on Facebook for folks to chime in with their family Santa traditions.

The questions? When Santa visits, does he deliver wrapped or unwrapped gifts? How does Santa’s loot compare to presents given to kiddies by Mom & Dad? What goes in the stockings?

I loved reading the responses:

  • In our house, unwrapped from Santa… Santa gifts are the bigger ones (bikes, trains etc…)
  • Unwrapped from Santa…wrapped from mommy/daddy
  • Santa doesn’t wrap.
    As the kids age, Mom & Dad’s gifts supersede Santa’s, thereby giving credit where credit is due.
  • Santa gifts came wrapped in our own special paper. All my gifts in one kind and my brothers in another, my mom said she started this when we still couldn’t read so we could distinguish whose was who!
  • I never remember presents from my mom and dad, Santa brought it all!
    Santa doesn’t have time to wrap - busy visiting houses all over the world and all. Santa loot - fun stuff. Mom and Dad loot - stuff you need anyway
  • We don’t wrap the presents. And I try to only get the gifts we hear them ask Santa for…more from mommy and daddy!
  • Santa doesn’t wrap. He doesn’t bring the "best gifts" . He just brings 2 or 3 things plus stocking stuff. Mom and Dad deserve the credit for getting them the most wanted gift. Abbie asked for something very expensive and said Santa could bring it, I had to tell her Santa was on a budget this year.
  • Santa didn’t wrap at our house. With 7 yrs. between my Brother and me, he was a BIG kid before he quit playing the game for me. Then for several years Mother would ask me if I wanted gifts from Santa, or just wrap them all under the tree. There was never a penalty for recognizing the truth–just a gradual easing into understanding that Santa was another expression of Parent’s love.

So, what’s your Santa Claus (or Papa Noel, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle) tradition? Click on the link below that says "No Comments" (or 1 comment, etc) to share your tradition.

Holidays & Parenting Chris 15 Dec 2009 1 Comment

Holiday Spy arrives at MoseleyWorld

How many times have you wondered just HOW Santa not only "sees you when you’re sleeping…"  and "knows when you’re awake," but also knows whether you’ve been good or bad? Question no more.

Santa’s Elf on the Shelf has arrived at MoseleyWorld. When we returned from our Thanksgiving trek to Kansas, a tiny little elf was hanging upside down from a dangling balloon in our foyer.

"Uh, mom, what’s that?" Saxon inquired. Carey showed Saxon a book that had magically appeared as well. The Elf on the Shelf book explains one of Santa’s elves arrives around the holidays, usually at Thanksgiving. his sole responsibility is to watch little kids’ behavior and report it to Santa each night by using "Santa magic" to fly to the North Pole.

The book said the first thing to be done is to name the elf. Saxon is great at coming up with pretend names, so we knew this would be a piece o’ cake for her. We liked her second suggestion, Wolfie , lots better than her first, Cha Cha. So Wolfie it is. Oh, there’s one rule: you cannot touch Wolfie, or he will lose his Santa magic.

The next morning, after returning from the NP, Wolfie was being a bit naughty. He took all the silverware out of the drawer and lined it up on the floor and then perched himself on the counter.

Stay tuned for tales (and photos) of Wolfie’s adventures!

Holidays & Parenting Chris 11 Dec 2009 No Comments

flashback to christmas

A friend told me having two kids wasn’t double the effort, but triple the effort. I think he was being conservative in his assessment. Yes, there are a couple of reasons why the updating of MoseleyWorld has slowed - and their names are Saxon and Samantha. But without Saxon and Samantha, MoseleyWorld would be much less interesting. So, I’ll update with some posts that should have been made a couple of months ago, rather than just skipping over them like they did not exist.

Home Building - Gingerbread Style
My friends at the Rosewood Crescent Hotel hired me to photograph a party right before Christmas. The party was a gingerbread house building class for the wedding & event planners who refer business to the Crescent. As a special treat, I got to take home a ready-to-build gingerbread house along with all the "building materials." Carey, Saxon and I had a great time creating our little cottage.

saxons candy A wide-eyed Saxon, in her PJ’s, ready to build the house at breakfast.



saxon and samantha
sisters. samantha with her baby’s first christmas hat, saxon with her cinderella dress (thanks aunt christy and cousins alex & avery)

Christmas in Wichita
We traveled to Wichita to spend Christmas with Carey’s family. A very special visitor welcomed us to Kansas with open arms. A sinister virus was not simply lurking in the Edison household but aggressively seeing out its next victims with the speed and vengeance of an Ebola virus. Pops was completely missing in action for the first day, missing the big Christmas dinner, which was on Christmas Eve.

Saxon and I walked into the bathroom just in time to see Carey barfing in the trash can. Saxon asked, "Mommy, what are you drinking?" Had I not been so focused on damage control and personal self-preservation of the food I had just eaten, I would have probably laughed so hard at Saxon’s very observant question that I would have wet my pants. We went to a special dinner at one of the log-cabin style lodge houses at Flint Hills Golf Club and although Carey didn’t eat, Saxon again walked in to see mommy vomiting. Almost three months later, we’re still talking about Mommy throwing up at the "wooden house."

saxon and mac saxon putting a bow on her cousin mac

saxon and avery saxon with her cousin avery (yes, that’s a tinkerbell costume - thanks again fassnacht cousins!)

samantha taking it all in on christmas morning

dad and samantha dad and samantha - smiling on the way back to Dallas

Holidays & Photos & Relatives Chris 10 Mar 2009 2 Comments

Merry Christmas from Moseley World!

Things have been quite crazy, busy around here, to say the least, in the last few weeks. We hope to be able to catch our breath after the Christmas holiday with family. To add to the usual holiday stress, old Santa has been terrorizing Saxon any chance he gets.

We stumbled upon Santa Claus and his elves at the Magnolia Hotel during the downtown Dallas tree-lighting ceremony.Saxon seemed quite content to study St. Nicholas from afar, but as we began to leave, she voiced a request to see him up close & personal.

As the line got shorter, I could hear Santa asking the kids what they wanted for Christmas. I thought, “Holy Rudolph! We have not prepped this child for this moment!” So Carey quickly told Saxon that Santa will ask her what she wanted for Christmas and suggested that Saxon ask for a new dolly. When I suggested to Saxon that she might want to ask for something for Samantha as well, she interrupted me saying “a new blankie for Samantha!” (because what the heck else does a 4 month old really need? and it keeps Samantha away from Saxon’s favorite!)

We walked up the stairs to Santa’s throne (?) and I plopped Saxon down on St. Nick’s lap. She refused to look him in the eye - preferring to keep her eye on Mom & Dad. But I could tell she was watching Santa out of the corner of the eye to make sure the funny looking fella wasn’t going to make any fast moves.

I could tell Santa was ready to punt, so I picked Saxon up and started walking off when she immediately began yelling, “Santa, I want a dolly, I want a dolly, Santa!…and Samantha wants a new blankie, got it? a new blankie, Samantha!”

So, when we got to the car, Saxon looked all sad and said, “where’s my dolly?” Obviously, we get an F in the preparing the kid to meet Santa Claus department. Although Saxon has wanted nothing to do with Santa Claus the other times she’s seen him (the man does get around!), he’s pretty interesting to watch from at  least 10 or 12 feet away.

Here’s the official 2008 Moseley Christmas (yes, it says, Merry Christmas!) card. This year, we went with a “wide format” card that opened up from the right side (vs the standard foldover type card).  We had fun photographing our pretty little girls for the card.

Moseley World Custom Christmas Card Photograph
front of card

Inside Left
inside left of card

inside right of moseley custom christmas card
inside right of card

back of card

The 2008 edition features somewhat of a final farewell, a tribute, to Ranger, who died earlier this year.  Unboxing the Christmas decorations and finding Ranger’s personalized stocking (sorry about the treat we left in the stocking last year, buddy!) and seeing several canine-themed ornaments brought the kind of grief sorrow I realize many people experience every holiday season.We still miss him terribly, but pledge to remember the good times the little “devil in a clown’s suit” brought us. Merry Christmas little guy.

Holidays & Parenting & Ranger & Samantha & Saxon Chris 23 Dec 2008 3 Comments

Advent Calendars

UPDATE: Amazon has a great selection of Advent Calendars , including the Playmobil Advent Calendar Xmas in Forest and the Kurt Adler Talking Light-Activated Wooden Nativity Advent Calendar .

Well, Halloween is over, so it must be time for Christmas. Or at least one would think if you visit any store.

As a kid, I have vague memories of counting down the days to Christmas with the assistance of an Advent calendar. Honestly, I only remember the process, but the details about this countdown, other than it taking WAY TOO LONG for Christmas to arrive are a bit fuzzy.

Since Saxon is two this year, I figured it’s about time to start torturing her create some anticipation of the Christmas holiday in her little mind.

So, I went to Amazon to search for "advent calendar" and Holy Nativity! hundreds of results! Advent Calendars in every shape, form and fashion. From the Lego City 2008 Advent Calendar to Creepy Doll Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar to the Little German Card-Like one.

Pottery Barn tells you to put a "treat, message or tiny gift" in each of the "25 meticulously designed pockets" of their Telluride Advent Calendar (pictured above). Uh-huh, right. And how high will I have to hang this sucker to keep a young little elf from raiding in every time I turn my back.

And when I’m in the room, it will be a non-stop barrage of "up Daddy, up Daddy" to which I would respond "where Saxon, where?" And in reply, my little cutie would point and say, with a hint of a Southern accent, "Right there. Look, Daddy. Right there."

Any suggestions or ideas to help start a MoseleyWorld Christmas countdown tradition are appreciated in advance!

Holidays Chris 10 Nov 2008 1 Comment

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