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Got Skype?

You know those things that once you get, you scratch your head and wonder how in the world you ever lived without? Like TiVo. Or, sliced bread, for the older reader. Well, introduce yourself to Skype’s free video calls for another one of those wow! moments.

On a recent trip to Europe with my dad, (aka "Gran" to our kids), I was able to make real-time video calls home so I could see my family’s smiling faces. With regular voice-only telephone calls, Saxon’s attention span lasted a few sentences. But video calls was something entirely different. Lots of animated stories. Lots of fun. Again, why didn’t we do this sooner.

click here to sign up for Skype

When we returned, we got the grandparents set up on Skype (trust me, it is so, so easy) and have even been Skype-ing with Saxon and Samantha’s littlest cousin, Patrick, in Chicago. So, if you aren’t skype-ing, get with it!

If you don’t have a camera, get one at the Skype store (link: Get a new High Quality Video webcam. Make the clearest, sharpest, Skype video calls yet.)

Hint: Better camera = better video call experience. But we’ve used the built in camera on the notebook and it works fine.

Gear & Relatives Chris 04 Nov 2009 1 Comment

Bye-Bye Babystyle - More Stores Closing

Today, a MoseleyWorld correspondent (Carey M) was at Babystyle and was told the only remaining Babystyle store left in Texas (NorthPark Centre in Dallas) will also soon be closing. The closure of Babystyle NorthPark follows the closing of a bunch of their stores in March.

Babystyle at The Shops at Mission Viejo (OC, CA) shuttered its doors May 27. Not sure about the future of other Babystyle stores, but this has to be bad news for the company, since the NorthPark store had a primo location and always seemed to be packed.

20% off everything in the store while it lasts. Oh, and don’t bother taking your Babystyle bucks. As of today, their not accepting any Babystyle bucks (Babystyle’s equivalent of frequent flier miles) until further notice.

UPDATE 1/27/09: Last summer BabyStyle was bought during its bankruptcy by the Right Start people. Greg at DaddyTypes reports that it looks like Right Start (and BabyStyle and Tiny Ride) are going down for the count. Babystyle’s website doesn’t work any more so I guess they are done.

Gear Chris 03 Jun 2008 No Comments

Mercedes C220 Estate - Not for Americanos

We’ve just returned from a week-long trip to Italy (more updates forthcoming) and seeing vastly different cars is one of the things I really enjoyed. Our rental car was a 4-door Opel Corsa hatchback (GM Built?) with 5-speed manual shifter and Opel’s new diesel “ecoflex” engine. I was amazed at how peppy a 75 horsepower engine could be.

Bologna Cars
bologna, italy - starting an alfa romeo convertible the old-fashioned way.

Most of these cars only a raised eyebrow (kind of a “What in the world were they thinking” when they made such a small car?), but this time I kept seeing a car I really like.

Last year Mercedes-Benz introduced the 2008 C220 Wagon “Estate,” a new/improved version of the C-Class wagon that was sold here from 2002-2005. But I saw more of these new body style wagons in Italy than I’ve seen in total the older C-Class wagons in the U.S.

mercedes wagon 1

If you’re like me and think the Mercedes Estate might be a good replacement for a gas-guzzling GMC Yukon, don’t bother rushing to your local Mercedes dealer to get one. Like the Opel Corsa diesel (52 mpg), the Mercedes Estate is not sold in the USA.

Gear & Misc Chris 20 May 2008 No Comments

Saxon digs her Low-Tech Lounger

Saxon in her Bouncy Seat
Originally uploaded by Chris Moseley.

Saxon loves hanging out in her Oeuf Lounger, aka Bouncy Chair, even though it’s very low tech. Can you imagine a kid being happy in a chair that’s not vibrating, playing music and flashing lights (all at the same time)?

The chair bounces when Saxon moves - whoa! What a concept. No batteries required. As a bonus, the Oeuf Lounger comes in a plain, solid color! Oy vey, how long has it been since you’ve seen anything for “baby” that didn’t scream B-A-B-Y?

OK baby-owners parents, can you help? I’d like to have some kind arc-shaped “activity bar” with visually-interesting things (?) that I could snap onto each side of the Lounger. Something like a mobile but connected to the chair.

We hate to see Saxon staring off into space when one of us is at home solo and we’ve jumped in the shower or are cooking dinner. Yeah, she looks really content, but I’m sure she would rather be learning… :)

ANY IDEAS? Post ‘em in comments - thanks in advance.

Gear Chris 19 Sep 2006 2 Comments