Yesterday, the news broke, in a USA Today interview that Matt Damon and his wife Luciana are expecting a girl. For months, MoseleyWorld has known this but our sources had asked us to keep it under wraps. We’ll let the world in on the rest of the secret: Baby Girl Damon’s due date is August 16th . Coincidentally, it’s the same due date as Moseley Girl 2.0.

Elise Amendola / AP file

This will be Damon’s third child - all of which are girls (Isabella, 2 and stepdaughter Alexia, 9). Apparently, Matt and Luciana are taking the same approach to naming their new daughter. Matt said, “We decided to wait ’til she’s born, and then we’re going to get a look at her and we’ll probably keep debating it.”

UPDATE: Luciana and Matt Damon had a baby girl, Gia Zavala, who was born on August 20.